If It Is About Natural Paintings, It Has To Be Claude Monet

Pen Is Mightier than the sword is how the popular saying goes, but let`s bring in a slight variation in this modifying it as `Paintbrush is mightier` when comes to art and painting. It is not just the pictorial representation that brings life in a picture but the real and true colors that breathe in life into it. Anybody can draw but masterpieces are only from the talented. They are born with a paintbrush in hand bringing laurels to the olden day`s artists and masters. One such name that can never fade away in the fine arts world is Claude Monet. There could be no better person than him to have brought Normandy`s beauty and landscapes in front of the world with just his paintings; such a profounder painter he was.

Normandy – Monet`s inspiration

Claude Monet is well known for his astonishing paintings of water lilies and these pieces are the most demanded throughout the world even now. All this started from a small village in Normandy from where he took all inspirations and realized his innate talent of painting. This place gave him all encouragement to take up painting as his profession and it was right; even now the art world has a very high position for him and his work and they regard him the best among the many others. This love for painting nature made him shift his base to a farmhouse which was very small in size but had a huge garden filled with greenery. This is where all his work started from.

His works are so very enthralling that they have never missed even a single spectator`s eyes. They invite art lovers from around the world and have always been an inspiration for gardeners with profound gardening ideas. Most of his paintings were about nature, flowers, plants and gardens. Just through his paintings he was able to communicate to people various innovative ideas of gardening with a variety. All his pictures are so very realistic that they bring out the real shades and colors of the plants and flowers. In many of his works he has depicted about plants and flowers that are almost dead and no more in existence in the present world. There are also portrayals of some new and age old floral species that were planted in every garden in the past but have lost their fame in the current world. His pictures and art works brings in more information and ideas for researching Nature.

Contests honoring the beautiful Nature

The olden day`s paintings of artists like Claude Monet are all becoming true and coming back to life with many competitions and contests being conducted appreciating the efforts of gardeners for their enticing garden ideas. All the contesting gardens come to present a variety from small to big flowers of all colors and some gardens also have some rare floral species. Such contests are encouraging and bringing in more people to take up gardening which will not only add beauty to the living space but also gives a feel of living with the serene and calm nature. Your every morning would start peacefully with a look at the beautifully bloomed smiling flowers and the lush greenery is definite to bring in good signs of happiness at home.

Maintaining a garden is not that simple as it might look. A fully developed garden brings in so much satisfaction and joy but the work and time that has undergone in giving it a beautiful shape is really very strenuous. Keeping a garden (Bulbs and Beyond), whether small or big, healthy and fit is not simple but requires the gardener to take extra care and caution until it develops to bloom beautifully one day. In fact this would be the result for all the hard work and efforts put in by the gardener. There are few tips that could help in having a healthy garden throughout the year. The list might look very big and strenuous but the result is equally big and pleasure-filled.

Greenery throughout the year

•           Once you plan to have some greenery around you, first check if your soil gives you permissible conditions to have one. Check the soil conditions, and if not suitable turn them over and give it a new touch with some rich fertilizers. Try and prepare your soil first. Once they give you a go sign, fix your plans for plants.

•           Remember to keep them loose and light so that water and nutrients can penetrate easily through them and can support the plants and saplings well. Use composts that are available locally in shops or prepare to make them at home by compiling the edible remains. This in fact makes the best for your soil because it is from your own preparations and there can be no adulterations.

•           Hard and harsh lawn tools are your best gardening friends. Keep all of them handy for repairing your plants and soil as and when there is a need.

•           It is very important to keep the plants hydrated. Most of the plants survive on water and hence watering them regularly is very essential to keep them alive. Water them in the early hours of the day so that they do not get dehydrated fast.

•           Do not plant shrubs or saplings very close to each other. Each plant is different from the other and has different specifications. Some might require more space for expansion while others can grow timidly. So make sure to keep each one at a distance from the other without provoking them for a gauchogrillbrea.comompetition for land. Each plant`s requirement is different in terms of moisture, soil, nutrients, space and sunlight. So giving them all the freedom will result in a good bloom.

•           The most common danger to these plants is the stubborn weed attacks. They attack all the green landscapes and come every year without fail. It is a nightmare to all the gardeners and the challenge is not stopping them but controlling them from extending their clan to a wider area. This requires a professional`s touch who use special and specific disinfectants and medicines to tackle their spread.